Employment law

The temporary NOW-benefits is a new policy aimed towards supporting employers in their wage costs during times of (temporary) reduced demand for work and at least 20% loss of revenue.

Is an employee still on probation? There are few limitations to firing an employee during probation.

Applying for NOW-benefits

Does your organization experience less work for an employee, and are revenues down by at least 20%? That means you are entitled to substantial wage compensation. This compensation can be up to 90% of the total wage costs!

The Employee Insurance Agency Netherlands (UWV) supplies an advance of 80% of the expected compensation. Later, the actual reduction in revenue will be rated. Applications above an as yet undecided threshold will require a financial statement. Calculations for any corrections will be after the final rating.

Any loss of revenue starting from March 1, 2020, is eligible for the compensation. The application can be made at the UWV until 31 May 2020. If you want to know when and how to complete the application, and if your organization requires support: contact us, and we are ready to help.

Interested in the Temporary Emergency Measure for Employment?

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